7 Reasons to buy the Canon 50mm f1.8 Lens

7 Reasons to buy the Canon 50mm f1.8 Lens

So it is time to buy your first lens for your Canon 1200D or 750D, depending on which you went with from my previous post. Here she is and it’s a pleasure! The only heads up I have for you is to get ready to move around with your camera, find the right angles and the perfect crop, you don’t get the chance to be lazy with zoom here!


Canon’s Nifty fifty or 50mm f1.8 STM lens is THE best option as a first buy and here’s why:

1. It’s cheap

Literally! Although the price has gone up by $25 from it’s predecessor… BUT for that extra little cash, you will get a more rugged – made of metal! Your value for money with this lens is like no other.

2. Bokeh

You want the blurry backgrounds right? That is what bokeh is. Bokeh is the quality of the out-of-focus part of a photograph, made by a specific lens. A little camera knowledge for you. When you start shooting, hit the Av mode and dial is right down to f1.8 and PLAY!

This image is showing the effect of bokeh with a 50mm f1 point 8 lens. A colourful grasshopper poised on a lilac flower amongst the long grass.

One of my very first shots I added to portfolio. Shot with my nifty fifty

3. SmallTamagotchi

On my Canon EOS 5D mkii this lens looks tiny. It is super light and easy to slip into your bag even though you may never want to take it off your camera. This lens coupled with the Canon EOS 100D literally feels like  you’re holding a Tamagotchi – moment of silence please!

4. STM for filming

Smooth Transition Motion. This is a silent motor that is a MASSIVE improvement from the last fifty. Anyone that knows the previous plastic fifty would know the sound that the auto-focus makes. It is enough to think a transformer is coming for you.

5. Eyesight or a normal Lens

When I say normal, I don’t mean it in the way you’re thinking. Normal, refers to the lens’ view – being the closest to how we humans see(some of you are aliens). No distortion or “fish eye” impact. What you see is what it captures.

6. It is real fast

No, it’s not running away! What makes a lens fast? Having an aperture of f1.8 allows this lens to shoot at faster shutter speeds to get the correct exposure. In other words, your images won’t be as blurry with this lens in low light as opposed to a standard f3.5-5.6(standard 18-55mm) kit lens.

7. Versatility

You can shoot street, portrait even macro with this lens. A friend of mine, Carl Jones, showed me some reverse lens tricks too. If you reverse the lens and hold it over the camera backwards, you can get a SUPER macro. Pretty pointless and perfect way to get your sensor dirty but hey I am all for experimenting.

Here's a shot Fred Harrington took of me with my 50mm f1.8

Here’s a shot Fred Harrington took of me with my 50mm f1.8

So go on, get yours and show me some of the results! Any questions you have, just let me know in the comments below!



What Camera Should I Buy? | Wokshots recommends

What Camera Should I Buy? | Wokshots recommends

Wok, what camera would you recommend?

Firstly, I’m a Canon man. So, if you are wanting Nikon, steer away, steer away now.

I have had this conversation with many people who are seriously enthusiastic about getting into photography. It’s really simple – Canon EOS 1200D or 750D. You’re going to get a bit more out of the 750D so if you are BEAMING for photography and have the extra pennies then go for the 750D. You will notice that they’re slightly different on paper but the 750D is made for the intermediate photographer and the 1200D for the beginner. The price tag is a rather big difference though so, again if you have the cash do it, if not the 1200D is a brilliant start.

For a super detailed comparison that you probably won’t understand click here. It’s still cool to check out.


Camera Body vs Camera Lens?

What most amateurs don’t know is that the body of the camera isn’t as vital as the lens. So, invest in a good lens and soon as you can. The standard 18-55mm lens is boring although great to have in the bag when starting out. The first lens I purchased was the Canon 50mm f1.8, you can’t zoom with this lens so it forces you to get more creative. I would recommend buying this with your purchase of the camera. It is also known at the nifty fifty.


But, are you sure that’s a good buy?

Yes! Think about the joy you will be getting out of this camera. It’s hardly much to pay for what you’re getting. Tech is changing all the time and yes there will be a better camera tomorrow but if you want for that, you might as well be waiting for the iPhone 7 release only to realise it’s going to cost more.

My setup

I shoot with the Canon EOS 5D mkii and an array of lenses namely: Canon 70-200mm f2.8, Tamron 24-70mm f2.8, 50mm f1.8 STM. I’ve ditched the rest of my gear in South Africa whilst I travel and I will probably end up selling it.

UPDATE: I’m now shooting Sony a7iii an dDAMN this thing is blowing my mind!

I’m throwing a spanner

I travel with my setup and it is HEAVY. If you want something more travel-friendly at an entry level, go with the Canon EOS 100D – said to be the smallest most compact SLR on the market. I recommended this to Travel With Lamb – check out the pics on her blog. It is a brilliant little piece of work and weighs NOTHING. I was tempted to buy this and ditch my gear for one.


photo cred – http://www.lydogbillede.dk/nyheter/verdens-mindste-spejlrefleks/

Memory Cards

Last but not least, get yourself a memory card because the camera doesn’t come with one.

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