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Photography Rates

Full Day Rate


These rates include essential gear including two head off camera lighting setup. This price includes basic colour correction edits. 

Half Day Rate


These rates include essential gear including two head off camera lighting setup. This price includes basic colour correction edits.

Hourly Rate 


A minimum fee for any once off photography project in the Durban area will be R900. If you have a special request please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Meet the Photographer

Warrick Shannon, a Durban Photographer with industry experience since 2011 and shooting since 2009. With an advertising background, Warrick(Wok) understands how to communicate to audiences abroad. His brand communications degree gives him the insight to make beautiful pictures and to find the voice for a brand.

Have a look at some of the exciting brands that he has worked on at the bottom of the page or check out his photography portfolio.

photograph of warrick shannon

Food Photography

I have worked with a few clients to capture their food photography needs. Subjects including fresh vegetables, frozen yoghurt, full menu dishes and more.

Product Photography

Some of my very first jobs 6 years ago were product shoots. Wether it be a drink, a shoe, even a toy, I have worked with some awesome brands to fulfill their photography needs.

Interior Photography

My interior photography skills were honed when I started working with the incredible Sam Oakley of Cornwall International. I have since photographed for the likes of Agoda in Thailand as well as Point Waterfront Apartments.


Warrick Shannon has proved his skill, passion, talent and dedication in every project we have worked with him on. He is always willing to go above and beyond for us and we have found him to be an asset when executing our campaign vision. Luise Peters

Marketing Manager, Wakaberry

Warrick Shannon of Wokshots Photography, has given our Interiors exceptional afterlife for publishing. Dedicated, loyal and punctual, Warrick is always a pleasure to work with.  We look forward to shooting many more projects together.  Sam Oakley

Managing Director, Cornwall International

Warrick Shannon is one of the first photographers I have worked with and it is without a doubt that his work helped kickstart my career as a model. His attention to detail, patience and guidance is admirable, allowing any model to feel at ease as he captures his subjects. His great passion for his craft and his technical expertise definitely places him as a photographer on the rise. Monique Nel

Model, Models International



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